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TN branding
31st, August
Todo Noticias Rebranding

Todo Noticias is one of the main news channels in Argentina, based in Buenos Aires. It was founded in 1993 and is owned by the Grupo Clarín. In the year 2012 I had the chance to work on the rebranding of this News Channel together with two companies: Gizmo and Indicius.

Gizmo (www.gizmosite.tv) is a 3D production company based in Buenos Aires and owned by Andrea Bacigalupo and Emmanuel Verruno. They did works for Netflix, Ford, Kraft, Nestle, Beats, Honda, between many others. They are experts in 3D, animation, textures, modeling, rigging and advanced 3D technics. One of their main clients is the news channel Todo Noticias, and Gizmo did their graphics during years : rebranding, elections, special events and graphics for other shows of the tv channel.

Managed by Hernan Puente, Indicius (www.indicius.com) is a creative design company based also in Buenos Aires and main partner of Gizmo on some projects. They specialize on web and App development, UI design and branding. Their main job the Todo Noticias Rebranding project was:  branding, the definition of the graphic elements inside the news, typographic work, finding the sutil path between what’s visually perfect and operational needed. The whole team did a hell of a job. I worked closely with two main designers: Nicolas Baumgartner and Luciano Laborde; their work was outstanding.

On the project, as broadcast expert, I was responsable for meeting the on-air workflows requirements of the news channel. Transforming the graphics into operable Viz Trio templates, On-Air Tickers, integration with iNews, Weather Data, etc. Also, together with Emiliano Enriquez I was responsable of transforming the static graphics done in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop into animated graphics inside Viz Artist.

The process of the re-branding of Todo Noticias 2012 was the following  :

  1. Todo Noticias wanted to have a more clear look, glassy, crystalline, also they wanted to show different news at the same time.
  2. A list of graphics, templates, wipes and all needed element was created. A PM managed the communications with the customer.
  3. Graphic elements were created on Illustrator and Photoshop by the designers, this was exported as images and then approved by the customer.
  4. The 3D team created outstanding intros, wipes, and channel IDs using tools as Cinema 4D, Maya, 3D Studio Max and Adobe After Effects.
  5. The rest of the graphics, were transformed into Vizrt (www.vizrt.com) workflow. I worked with Emiliano first on creating all the graphics and animation inside Viz Artist. This were exported as video files so that the customer could see the final result, once the customer approved the look-and-feal, the graphics were ready to implemented into Viz Trio templates.
  6. Before implementing this graphics into Viz Trio templates we had many meetings with the editorial teams, operators, directors, and all the staff of the News Channel to be able to understand what was their actual problems, how to fix them, and how they wanted to have the graphics implemented. Once we had all the information documented we started to create Viz Trio templates following the instructions.
  7. We implemented the graphics using two Viz Engines as output and two Viz Trio operators. We also created some data integrations so that elements from iNews was imported to feed some of the graphic templates.
  8. We tested all the graphics operation, key signals, HD output, HD output after satellite, SD output as well, 16:9, 4:3, etc. Todo Noticias give us access to a studio control so that we could do all the needed tests, together with very qualified staff that really help us out on finalizing all the tests.
  9. After a couple months of tests, fixing bugs, trainings, new studio, new touch-screen, etc… The re-branding was ready and launched on December 2012. Was a complete success and with high rating and Trending Topic on Twitter as #TNSeRenueva

Here some stills from the project:

TN branding

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